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Why You Should Hire a Sourcing Agent When Importing From China

China is home to superior products with impeccable quality. The friendly business atmosphere here has given rise to manufacturing companies whose production costs are 25 to 50% cheaper than other locations around the globe. 

When importing products from China, it is invaluable to use an experienced sourcing agent rather than going it alone. The fantastic guidance offered will have you receive your imported products faster and in pristine condition. 
Here are the numerous benefits of choosing China sourcing agents;

#1 Great value for your money

If you were to travel to China and source your own products, you would spend a fortune on travel and accommodation costs. Once there, the new environment and complex setting would require you to hire a guide to take you around. Your lack of knowledge on the local industries and suppliers can potentially lead you to con artists eager to part you with your hard-earned money.
By hiring a China sourcing agent, the individuals has practically grown around the environment and has an intricate understanding of it. You will not only save on travel and accommodation expenses but also invaluable time. 
With a greater knowledge and more personal contact with suppliers and industries manufacturing all products you would want, the sourcing agent is the best placed to find sweet deals for you. The traders in China may be competitive in pricing their products; our sourcing agent knows how to spot the lowest price for the highest quality products. Back at home, you will be able to sell these products at lower prices than your competitors and still make handsome profits.

#2 An able local representative

For foreigners seeking to source products from China, the single biggest setback remains the lack of local knowledge. A sourcing agent is a resident in either of China’s cities and towns with knowledge and business contacts. By relying on services of a sourcing agent, you have at your disposal a local representative who will put your interests first.
As your personal representative, a sourcing agent’s primary objective is to get the best material and product on your behalf, while looking for the friendliest prices. The sourcing agent conducts fruitful price negotiations, sample approval and inspection of products to ensure that they are in perfect working conditions. 
This has numerous benefits for you the client as we take away all the risk and explicitly assure you of a good return on investment. The sourcing agent works for you and represent your interests, not those of the suppliers and industries. With the better deals on offer, you foreign-based company has a higher chance of growing immensely and rapidly.
This relationship between the client and local souring agent is a continuous one; your day-to-day business issues will be in capable hands for as long as the relationship holds.

#3 Easy communication

In any successful business, clear communication is key. It is the only way to have instructions executed accurately, enhancing the growth and continued client satisfaction. Our local sourcing agent is not only proficient in their local dialect but also in English. The agent acts as the bridge between you and the product suppliers, only that you will never have to deal directly with the supplier.
If you were to try and communicate with a Chinese supplier directly, you not only risk receiving products you never asked for in the first place but also end up lose the power of negotiation. The experience would be so unproductive that you will want it to end as quickly as possible, missing out on the best products to stock your business. 
With a sourcing agent who is a clear communicator, your business has the perfect personnel to thrive through the striking of great supply deals. Our sourcing agent is a clear communicator in English and the many Chinese dialects. With our services, you only need to spell out the instructions once and high-quality products will be coming your way shortly.
We value communication and maintain it even after the closure of business deals.

#4 Products from trusted factories and suppliers

The thousands of miles between you and product manufacturers and suppliers places you far away from the action. As much as suppliers may have accessible websites detailing the quality and functionality of products, you can’t rely on their world alone.
Our locally placed sourcing agent is as close to the action as possible, placing him at the perfect position of physically reviewing the products you seek and thereafter making recommendations to you. In all honesty, there are innumerable scam, non-existent companies only out to dupe you off your money. Don’t trust the paid customer reviews on their websites.
Our sourcing agent eliminates this risk altogether, dealing with legitimate companies making high quality products on your behalf; it is intricately easy for the agent to spot out scammers and tell them off. The placement of the agent enables them to visit the factories if necessary, and oversee the production of the requested materials. 
Before making any large investment, a physical visit by our sourcing agent is a crucial step in ensuring you don’t end up losing a fortune and stuck in debt. The local knowledge comes in handy.

#5 Vast experience

Over the years, we have served multiple clients by offering sourcing services. Our experience has continued to grow in leaps and bounds, making us the best placed agency to handle your product sourcing. Our many years in the trade have ha us create business partnerships with suppliers of all types of products.
There is no surer way of getting your products fast and conveniently than relying on the excellent services offered by our sourcing agent. By handing the entire importing logistics, quality control and all procedures of sourcing, you will only have to place the order and wait for the product arrival. Sticking to time stipulations is our core virtue.
With full comprehension of custom processes and duties, our experienced sourcing agent is the best placed to represent all your interests.

#6 Opportunity cost

Isn’t it wonderful to have ample time in your hands to fully focus on your business? Most businesses fail to live up to expectations within a few months of setting up shop due to the failure of their proprietors to allocate enough time. 
The thousands of details needed to source products successfully end up consuming time that would otherwise be used in ensuring the imported products sell off in the shortest time possible. By delegating this duty to our sourcing agent, you have all the time in the world to concentrate on your passion and grow your business boundlessly. 
After receiving the product specifications and requirements, our sourcing agent proceeds to ensure quality control, review of the contract with the suppliers, freight scheduling, warehousing and finally import of the best available products at a comfortable price. 
As the business owner, you primary role is in ensuring the smooth running of your business at home, which consequently leads to higher profit margins. Let us take care of all the strenuous and complex processes of getting you the right materials and products while you concentrate on revamping your business. 

#7 Cultural and language understanding

The Chinese culture and way of doing business is different from the procedures followed in the west. The locally placed sourcing agent has grown up in the culture and in this competitive country, one has to learn early to get ahead of the competition.
When sourcing for your products, it is not merely about negotiating the price and getting things done. Our sourcing agent is sharp in identifying trade-offs and understanding the difference in pricing of similar-looking products. Even with excellent negotiation skills, the difference in pricing may likely be due to difference in functionality and overall quality of the products.
The agent is best placed to work with the Chinese culture, such as the religious meals times observed here. The sourcing agent also knows the perfect time and tone to use when approaching product suppliers; such decorum contributes immensely to finding the right products at the right price. It would simply be too overwhelming for you to do all this right, especially considering the time difference between the East and the West.

#8 An All-inclusive service

Our reputable sourcing agent is equipped with all the requisite skills to help out with all processes that are related to the purchase of right business products. While ensuring a wholesome service for you, the quality of products delivered throughout the working relationship remains consistently supreme. 
Whether it is a short or long time engagement with startups or established businesses, we have the manpower to ensure fast product delivery and no hassle on your part. When both negotiating parties use the same language as is in our case, you are more likely to receive a significant reduction in pricing.
We are offering you an all-inclusive package; the only input required from you is the product specifications and final approval of delivered products. By maintaining constant communication with you and updating you on the latest developments, you won’t have to worry about a thing.
For more information on how our sourcing agent will be of help to you, feel free to contact us today. Our pleasure is in offering you exemplary services every time you engage with us. You are one step closer to unimaginable business excellence. 

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[1] Riwick Products sourcing Agent

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