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How we could choose a suitable faucet.

How we could choose a suitable faucet.

How we could choose a suitable faucet.

suitable faucet21, Design: make sure the faucet whether match with washbasin, sink and bathtub. The screw hole of washbasin should be matched with the hole of faucet. The washbasin and bathtub should be same style with bathroom.
2, Function: there are different styles and functions. Normally it can be divided by usage: for washbasin, for kitchen sink, for bathtub, for shower etc. If by function: normal type, sense type, thermostat type etc. For example, in public high class restroom, they will choose the sense type faucet because of its convenience.
3, Checking the valve: valve is the important part of one faucet. especially ceramic valve is the best one. Good quality products usually adopt ceramic valve which has the many characteristics such as wear resistance, good sealing. It can be used above 300-500 thousand times. Low quality products usually adopt copper and rubber material as sealing. The prices are lower and lifetime is shorter.
4, Finish: when you are purchasing, please pay more attention to products’ glossiness, sense of touch.
5, Check: turn the handle gently to check whether it is flexible, convenient, blocking or not. Check every part of the faucet especially the main parts should be tightness.
6, Hydraulic pressure requirement: normally for home use requires not lower than 0.05Mpa( that is 0.5kgf/cm2). At this circumstance, if you find water yield reduction, even you find that it occur “water heater off” phenomenon, you could take off the filter of the faucet and clean inclusions. It can become new as before.

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